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Dr. Daniel Andai '05, a prized dean at the New World School of the Arts, internationally profound performer, and a leading concertmaster, are just a few of the titles he upholds. While not only being a member of an elite class of the Conservatory of Music at Lynn University, he has displayed that similar mentality throughout his career. When choosing his tool at a very young age, Dr. Andai was catapulted in a direction which many have yet to explore. Touring the world, playing to precious audiences, and coming full circle with his recent return to Miami, he is continuing to push the limits within his career.

From the gift of a toy violin, the instrument immediately struck an interest with Dr. Andai, and he then realized that he was changed forever. From the moment he rested the violin under his chin, he knew he had found a way to express himself through the art of music. The toy then became a real violin, and with the blink of an eye he ended up as a concert master for prominent events across the globe. Traveling to over thirty states and fifty countries, Dr. Andai has won countless awards thus far in his career, and the best is yet to come. While the lavish lifestyle of a performer was a treasured period in his life, Dr. Andai has shifted gears, focusing on the next generation.

Fulfilling the leadership role was something that was very common within his life, which deemed fit due to his effervescent personality. This role was something that came naturally to Dr. Andai, and has blossomed over the years. Dr. Andai explains that “As a leader of an orchestra, for instance, I have to interpret a baton that waves silently in the air into sound, and then inspire 79 other musicians to believe in a similar vision so that the execution of the sound is unified, and all within a matter of seconds.” Based on his success, it appears that Dr. Andai has the ability to influence people, greatly. While using his authority to lead many in a positive direction, Dr. Andai is constantly encouraging those to keep eyes and hearts open minded to new adventures.

He is a true representation of a leader, not only with the skills of time management, but the ability to pull hidden talents from musicians to then create works of art. Dr. Andai is now focusing on the youth, through various participations, to provide a brighter future for those in need. Enjoying the responsibility of his leadership role, Dr. Andai plays a heavy hand in recitals, concerts, recruitment events, and has gone above and beyond with all of his endeavors. If you were to ask Dr. Andai what his future holds in two years, he wouldn’t have an answer. Based on his many accolades, eagerness for life, and constant strive for excellence, it’s safe to say the future is burning bright for this Lynn alum.


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