2015–16 Faculty and staff annual appeal

You can help us reimagine the future.

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Quotes from faculty and staff

Loren CohenLoren Cohen, senior security supervisor
"I donate because I want others to enjoy the experience I enjoy at Lynn. It is my way of giving back to the community. The best part is, it's easy. I have my gift deducted directly from my paycheck, so I never even miss it."

William LevyWilliam Levy, campus safety officer
"I donate to Lynn University because education is important and so is helping others. Even when I was not an employee and working for contracted security for 13 years here at Lynn University, I started attending events like the Blue and White Auction and giving to the Remembrance Plaza and immediate needs. I will continue to donate to Lynn University and its many departments to help provide the resources Lynn needs to educate students."

James DowneyJames Downey, professor, hospitality management
"I give to Lynn because sharing is caring. So many students need financial assistance, and I know my contributions have gone toward that effort."

Tiffany WorkmanTiffany Workman, application specialist
"I give back to Lynn because it is an easy and convenient way of contributing to the most worthy of causes: the pursuit of knowledge."

Kristen PetersonKristen Peterson, senior graphic designer
"I give to Lynn because Lynn has given so much to me in the 4 years I went to school here and the 7 years I've worked here. It just makes sense to invest in a university that has been and still is a big part of my life. The convenience of donating through payroll deduction makes it that much easier. It's a win-win."

Nancy KlineNancy Kline, assistant professor, education
"As a Lynn employee, I'm pleased to donate back to a school that I truly love. My donation is designated to go directly to the Ross College of Education. It is often said that you can tell what is important to someone by how they spend their money and their time. I am motivated to spend time and money on children's organizations and Lynn University. Both of these areas support my passion. Therefore, I use payroll deduction to contribute to Lynn University. It is super easy and convenient."

Brenda WilliamsBrenda Williams, executive assistant to the general counsel
"Watching my father give and help the needy inspired me to do the same. The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."

Evelyn NelsonEvelyn Nelson, executive director, Student Financial Services
"I was fortunate to attend college because of the generosity of many individuals that helped contribute to the college. I want to help others in the same way. It is so easy to give, and everyone should because it is the right thing to do."

Steve PruittSteve Pruitt, director, graduate and iLynn admission
"As a Lynn University alumnus celebrating my fourth year as an employee, I'm grateful to be part of the Lynn community and to support Lynn by giving back. Being able to contribute to the university through payroll deduction is a convenient way to give back. Seeing amazing campus improvements these past four years, I can imagine how much more beautiful and functional Lynn will become. These improvements were accomplished entirely by private donations, not tuition dollars. As we continue to improve and grow, employee contributions can have a significant impact on the future of Lynn—a future we can all imagine by reflecting on recent amazing accomplishments."

Taryn HamillTaryn Hamill, associate director, enrollment management
"I give because Lynn has given so much to me. I am thankful to study and work at a university that makes a difference in the lives of so many students, myself included. Lynn walks the talk, and I couldn’t be more proud to call this place home." #WeAreLynn

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