Faculty and Staff Annual Appeal

Did you know . . .

  • 170 faculty and staff made gifts to Lynn
  • 101 donors made gifts of cash
  • 70 gave to support Lynn’s immediate needs
  • 69 gave by payroll deduction
  • 73 staff have given for 3 or more consecutive years
  • 43 donors gave to the Remembrance Plaza
Please make a gift of ANY amount to ANY area of Lynn that supports our mission

Donors who make a gift of $2,500 or more are recognized in The Leadership Society of Lynn University.

For more information, contact Lisa Miller, director of annual programs,
at x7745 or lmiller@lynn.edu


Quotes from faculty/staff:


DENISHA BONDS, director of career services
"I am very excited to be part of the Lynn community. My husband and I are honored to be able to be even a very, very small part of something as important as the Remembrance Plaza."

YANATHA DESOURVRE, support technician
"It was my pleasure to make a gift to the Remembrance Plaza. Anywhere I can make a positive difference I will. It’s an opportunity to serve and that I wouldn’t miss for the world."

PAULA JOHNSON, administrative assistant
"I know it sounds dramatic but Lynn University and the Lynn community literally saved my life. I seriously do not know where I would be without Lynn. When I arrived at Lynn as temp in 1998, I had just been through a horribly traumatic divorce, had no college education and I was 34 years old. I thought my life was over. It would have been enough if LU had just given me a job. Lynn University gave me the college education I always dreamed of having. The Lynn community gave me the moral support and encouragement I needed to make something of my life. Now I am about to turn 48 years old and I have my undergraduate degree from Lynn, a Masters in Communications and I have almost completed my Masters in Applied Mental health Counseling. Next year my 17 year old son will be attending. I could never have given him a college education under any other circumstance. I am beyond grateful to Lynn University and proud beyond words of my alma mater.

Please give something and show your gratitude and pride for all this university does for you and your colleagues. It doesn’t matter how much, just give. Just give."

MIKE PEREZ, women’s and men’s tennis head coach
"It feels great just to play a very small part in giving to the students and the university. It is self-serving in a way, because the university and our students have given back to me so much more than I ever could. The example set by so many of our donors inspires me to do my small part in this ever growing university. Giving becomes a good habit that I am sure will continue through the years."

REGINA THEISEN, student insurance advisor
"We give to the things we believe in and believe are important to those around us. We want to take everyone with us on the journey. I started giving the minute we had the Conservatory because I know what it takes to make a world class conservatory.

Then came the theatre and I loved it but I kept the conservatory in first place as I knew (to me) it was the most important.But I knew I could find enough to give to the theatre too even though we are not rich. Then Lynn helped me finish my undergrad degree, the blessings just came and came. Now they are helping me get a Master’s degree and I am amazed. I try at every turn to share with the students what I know and may help them mature.What it means to you is what counts because it changes the outcome."



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