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Dear friends,

This year's university commencement speaker, award-winning broadcast journalist and ESPN sports anchor Lisa Gangel Kerney, motivated Lynn University's newest graduates with her personal story of the challenges and decisions that faced her after her own graduation from Lynn University in 2004. With her simple honesty and incredible successes, she reminded all of us of the importance of choosing to live happy—and that is my wish for all of you as the summer rolls in: take time to reinvent yourself, do things that excite you and continue to add joy into your life.

Jan McArt’s New Play Reading Series

Before we break for the summer, join us in the Wold Performing Arts Center for a little glimpse of historic patriotism that falls right before the celebration of the birth of our country—it's the perfect time to come in out of the heat for a little bit of flag-waving entertainment:

Wave Your Flag!

Wednesday, June 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Story: It's the week prior to Decoration Day of 1942, and the legendary train, the Super Chief, races from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. filled with movie stars selling war bonds and promoting their new film about Betsy Ross. The picture is set to premiere at their final destination, the nation's capitol, but are there Nazi spies among them with plans to derail this flag-waving event?

Tickets: $10

Playwright Tony Finstrom provided a little background information:

"I set out to write a kind of 'Alice in Wonderland' / 'Wizard of Oz' piece, where my Alice / Dorothy doesn't exactly stumble down a rabbit hole or get carried off in a cyclone," explained Finstrom, "instead, while watching an old film on television one dark, stormy night, she literally falls into the movie. Suddenly, there's this millennial college kid on a train in 1942 filled with movie stars touring across America, selling war bonds and promoting their new film about Betsy Ross—with a Nazi spy or two on board!

"Jan McArt plays a Marlene Dietrich-type German-American film star on that train," added Finstrom, "and in an 'Alice' / 'Wizard' scenario, I suppose she'd be considered the Red Queen or the Wicked Witch."

I hope to see you at the theatre in June!

Theatrically yours,

Jan McArt
Director of Theatre Arts Program Development

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