Sheetz gives front entrance a new look

by Joyce Shelfo
Published Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012

Bob Sheetz of Boca Raton, Fla., pledged $1 million to fund the renovation and upgrade of the university’s main entrance on Military Trail.

The new entrance will include a traffic light—a campus safety need —and five lanes for better traffic flow. Work has already begun to determine the design, engineering and construction of this major component of Lynn’s approved master plan.

Bob founded Sheetz Corporation in Altoona, Pa., when he was 18 years old. Over the past 60 years, the company has grown into a fast food and fuel business operating in six states in the Northeast. Although he is now retired, Bob serves on the company’s board of directors and is a member of its planning team.

When asked why he chose to sponsor this project, Bob responded, “Our company now operates more than 400 stores. At many locations we are required to build turning lanes, plus install our own traffic lights. When I heard about this particular need of the university, I wanted to help.”

“This will be the first impression that potential students and their families have of our campus,” says President Kevin M. Ross. “Herb Newman, the architect who designed our library and performing arts center, once said, ‘Lynn’s very pretty, but there are some teeth missing in the smile.’ Well, we are filling in those gaps, and today we are smiling brighter than ever.”


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